Administrator: The one who has all the rights and permissions of OneHash CRM

The administrator is above the System Manager and has all the rights and permissions for an OneHash account.

A System Manager also has permissions to most items in the system, but the Administrator has unrestricted access.

If your OneHash account is cloud-hosted with us (Frappe Technologies Pvt. Ltd.), then you won't be able to access your OneHash account as an Administrator.

For cloud-hosted account, upgrades are managed from the backend. We reserve admin login credentials with us so that we can upgrade all the customer's OneHash accounts from the backend.

Since on a single server, we may host many customer's OneHash accounts, as a security measure, we cannot share the credentials for administrator account with any cloud-hosted user. (an exception would be if you purchase a large number of users and your account is exclusively hosted on one server).

For self-hosted on-premises accounts, the admin credentials are with the account user.
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