Aisensy-Whatsapp Integration

Aisensy-Whatsapp Integration

OneHash lets you use the Whatsapp feature provided by Aisensy.

Sample Username: hemant_onehash

Password: hemant_onehash

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To integrate Aisensy with OneHash, you need the Aisensy API Key. You can get this key from Aisensy Dashboard > Manage > API Key > Generate API Key and click on the Click to Copy button.

Now go to OneHash > Aisensy Settings, and paste your API Key in the Authentication Token field. Click on Enabled to activate the settings, and then save the settings.

Open Aiesnsy Dashboard > Manage > Template Message.

Create a new template, or open an existing one, then copy all the details of this template one by one and paste it into a new record in OneHash > Aisensy Campaign. Now, give a campaign name to this record. Save the file name and URL if you have selected IMAGE, VIDEO, or FILE format.

Now go to Aisensy Dashboard > Campaigns > Launch > API > Next.

Create an API Campaign, with the same campaign name created above(CASE SENSITIVE), and click on Set Live.

Go to OneHash Lead and click on Connect > Message with Aisensy.

Add all Customer Numbers and campaign details, modify template parameters, and click on Submit button.

Go to Lead > Connect > Message Logs Aisensy to open message logs and view your Whatsapp Message.

Output Whatsapp Message.

Updated on: 25/04/2023

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