CallHippo Integration

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CallHippo Integration

OneHash lets you use the calling feature of CallHippo.


Add CallHippo Extension to Google Chrome and enable the extension.

Steps to integrate with CallHippo

Sign in to CallHippo and go to Integrations>Rest API, and generate Unique Api Token. Also, toggle the Enable Telephony API button.

Copy the above token and save it in the CallHippo Settings at OneHash. Now, copy the Webhook Call Activity Url given below the token at OneHash.

Go back to Integrations>Rest API and click on Webhook>Connect button. Enable Calling Activity, and paste the URL copied in the above step. Now, click on the Save button. On saving the correct URL, you will receive the message URL has been added successfully.

Now, you can go to OneHash Lead and select any lead, then click on the Calling>Call With CallHippo button in the form. You will get a list of numbers, so click on the number you want to call.

Google Extension of Call Hippo will get open, Sign In with your CallHippo user details and then the given customer will be called.

You can go to Calling>Call Logs of CallHippo, and you will be able to see the call history of all the numbers on your Lead.

Go to User for CallHippo List and click on Add User for CallHippo to add a new Callhippo user.

Enter FirstName, LastName and Email Id to create a new CallHippo User and enter OneHash User to link it with a unique OneHash user account.

If you want to update a current user, go to CallHippo and select a user, copy the User Id from the URL, and paste it into OneHash CallHippo User Id, now modify other details to update the current user.

Click on the CallHippo Call Logs button, and you will be able to see the call logs of your User.

Updated on: 12/04/2023

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