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Configure Account in OneHash Chat

Configure account details

An account in OneHash Chat holds the information about the organization. You can update the name or language used in the account by changing the settings as show below.

To update account details, click on Settings -> Account Settings. The available settings are shown below.

Account Name : Enter the name of your Account. eg: Hopkins Inc
Site Language : Select the language in which conversations need to happen. eg: English (en) Select English if you want your conversations to be in English
Number of days after a ticket should auto resolve if there is no activity | Give the number of days after which the ticket or conversation will be marked as resolved eg: 30 - This is given in case the customer does not have any further queries but has not given closure also.

Click on Update Settings Button on the right hand top side of the screen. 'Successfully updated account settings' message will be displayed.

Updated on: 26/09/2023

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