Deactivate your account

In OneHash Connect, you have a dedicated account for each organization you belong to. Deactivating your OneHash Connect account in one organization will have no effect on any other OneHash Connect accounts you may have.
Once you deactivate your account, you cannot register in the same organization with the email address you used before. If you are re-joining an organization, ask an organization administrator to reactivate your account.
You can find all the OneHash Connect Cloud accounts associated with your email address with the Find your accounts tool. If you have forgotten your account password, you can reset it.
Deactivate your account
If you are the only owner in the organization, you cannot deactivate your account. You will need to add another owner first.
Click on the gear () icon in the upper right corner of the web or desktop app.
Select Personal settings.
On the left, click Account & privacy.
Under Account, click Deactivate account.
Approve by clicking Confirm.
What happens when you deactivate an account
• Your user card will have a notice indicating that your account has been deactivated.
• Deactivating your account won't delete messages you've sent or files you've shared. If permitted in your organization, delete content you'd like to remove before deactivating your account.
• Any bots that you maintain will be disabled.
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Updated on: 30/10/2023

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