Edit a message

OneHash Connect makes it possible to edit the content of your messages, letting you fix typos, clarify your thoughts, etc. Organization administrators can configure who can edit messages, and set time limits for this action. However, even organization owners cannot edit the content of a message sent by another user.
You can also edit message topics.
Edit a message
• Desktop/Web

• Mobile
Hover over a message to reveal three icons on the right.
Click the pencil () icon. If you do not see the pencil () icon, you do not have permission to edit this message.
Edit the content of the message.
Click Save.
After you have edited a message, the message is publicly marked as EDITED. You can view a message's edit history if it is enabled in your organization.
Message notifications
If you edit a message to mention a user or group, the newly mentioned users will receive notifications just as if they had been mentioned in the original message.
If you edit a message soon after sending it, the edit will be reflected in any email notifications that have not yet been sent. This includes canceling notifications for users whose mention was removed or changed from a regular mention to a silent mention.
If you delete the content of a message, any pending email notifications for that message will be canceled, including mentions and alerts.
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Updated on: 30/10/2023

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