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Fee Structure

A Fee Structure is a template that can be used while making Fees records or generating them via the Fee Schedule.

The Fee structure can be fetched while creating the Fees for each student.

To access fee Structure, go to:

Home > Education > Fees > Fee Structure

1. Prerequisites

Before creating a Fee Structure, it is advisable to create the following first:

Academic Term
Academic Year
Student Category

2. How to create a Fee Structure

Go to the fee structure list and click on New.
Select and add the Program and other details for the fee structure.
In the Components Table, enter the Fees Category and Amount.
Save and Submit.

Additional Options while creating a Fee Structure

Enter the basic details like Student Category, Academic Term and Academic Year.
In the components table, add the Description for the Fees Category.

3. Features


Working with OneHash allows you to update your account entries with extreme ease. Whenever a student submits their fees and it gets recorded in the system, your Accounts will get updated simultaneously.

To facilitate that smoothly, you can add your Accounts details in the fee structure.

Receivable Account: Enter the name of the Receivable Account for your Institution.
Income Account: Select and add the Income Account for your Institution.
Company: Select and add the Company under which all the payments are made. If there are multiple institutions in your OneHash account, or if the Accounts are handled by a Sister Company.

Accounting Dimensions

Cost Center: Select and add the name of the Cost Center of your Institute for Accounting Dimensions.

4. After submitting the Fee Structure

Once you have submitted the Fee Structure, you will be able to create the Fee Schedule from within Fee Structure.

Updated on: 24/01/2022

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