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An instructor is a teacher, tutor, or a professor that will be responsible for teaching a particular topic or course to the students.

This document can be used to maintain the Instructor Log in the form of a list of topics/courses covered by the Instructor. This log will have the entire history of the courses taught by the Instructor.

To access the instructor list, go to:

Home > Education > Masters > Instructor

1. Prerequisites

Before creating an instructor, it is advisable to first create the following:

Academic Year
Academic Term
Student Group

2. How to create an Instructor

Click on New Instructor.
Select the Employee ID/Employee Name for the Instructor.
Select the Department for which you are creating an Instructor.

3. Features

3.1. Instructor Log

Academic Year: The Academic Year for which the Instructor is created.
Academic Term: The Academic Term for which the Instructor is created.
Department: The department to which the Instructor belongs to.
Program: The Program for which the Instructor Log is being made.
Course: The course for which the Instructor Log is being made.
Student Group: The Student Group for which the user is making the Instructor Log.
Other Details: Any other details regarding the Instructor Log can be recorded here.

3.2. After Submitting

Once the Instructor and Instructor Log is saved, you can create the following from there:

Student Group
Course Schedule
Assessment Plan

Note: While creating an Assessment Plan from the Instructor, the user can select whether the Instructor has to be kept as a Supervisor or as an Examiner for the Assessment plan.

Updated on: 23/03/2023

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