Fetching Bank Details On Any Doctypes Like Quotation, Sales Order And Purchase Order

Fetching Bank Details On Any Doctypes:

Sometimes it is important that bank details of customer or supplier to be mentioned on some of the documents where it does not appear by default.


Bank Account

Note: Quotation doctype is taken as example here, but the steps can be used for any doctype.

Open Quotation>> Click on List(...)>> Customize>> Add Row(in Fields)>> Define the values>> Update
Bank details on quotation doctypes can be fetched by using following steps:

Step1: Open the doctype, on which you want to fetch the values of bank account details. Go to customize to add the required fields.

Step2: Add the new field Bank Account and provide the values as shown in below image.

Step3: Add the field for the remaining details related to bank account and provide the relevant values

This step demands high accuracy and precision while entering the values. So, be very careful in this step.

Step4: Define the value in the option for Data type field by 'edit' against the relevant field. Below is the image as exemplary for the field "Bank Account Number".

While entering the option value, make sure to all characters must be in lowercase and name of interlinking tag must be replica of that field name.

Step5: Update the page. Now you will achieve the desired field on the doctype.

Updated on: 21/03/2023

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