Here is what a patient appointment looks like in OneHash:

Here are some analytics:

With OneHash, Healthcare domain helps you define templates for Clinical Procedures, schedule appointments for procedures and also record the consumption of Stock while performing a procedure. Inpatient ADT and related Billing features are also made available. More importantly, all of it seamlessly integrated with the bulk of other useful features available in OneHash.

Power your operations with OneHash

Of course, a Healthcare institution needs lots more than just the Healthcare domain to operate efficiently - OneHash has all of it built-in, out of box!

You can track your books of accounts using Accounts module.
Manage your staff's payroll, leaves, recruitment, appraisals, claims and much more with HR module.
Organize your Purchases and place an approval system.
Track and manage your Pharmacy Stock and other supplies effectively.
Manage your Fixed Assets purchases and sales, depreciation and ensure timely maintenance.
Receive online payments and Integrations with other services including various Google Services
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