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The Restaurant record represents one restaurant in your organization. To create a new Restaurant, just set the name, Company and Default Customer.

You can set a unique numbering prefix for each of your restaurants. All invoices for that restaurant will follow that numbering prefix.

If you have a default Sales Taxes and Charges Template, you can add it so that the same charge + tax will be applicable for all invoices in the restaurant.

After your restaurant is created, you can add Tables and Menus for that restaurant

Adding Tables

You can add a Restaurant Table by creating a new Restaurant Table from the dashboard.

Restaurant Menu

For every restaurant you must set an active Restaurant Menu from which orders can be placed. You can also set the rates for each of the item for the day.

When you save the Restaurant Menu, a Price List is created for that Menu and all pricing is linked to that price list. This way you can easily control the items on offer and pricing from the menu.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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