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How to create a Maintenance Visit?

Maintenance Visit

A Maintenance Visit is a visit made by an engineer to a Customer’s premise for maintenance work of an Item.

To access the Maintenance Visit list, go to:

Home > Support > Maintenance > Maintenance Visit

A Maintenance Visit is usually created from a Sales Order of type 'Maintenance'.

1. Prerequisites


2. How to create a Maintenance Visit

Go to the Maintenance Visit list, click on New.
The current date and time will be recorded, this can be edited.
Select the Customer.
Select the Maintenance Type whether Scheduled, Unscheduled, or Breakdown.
Set the completion status whether 'Partially Completed' or 'Fully Completed'.
Select the Item Code and Serial Number.
Enter a Description of the maintenance, select the Sales Person performing the maintenance, and enter the work done.

Additional Options when Creating Maintenance Visit

Customer Feedback: You can record any feedback given by the Customer regarding this Maintenance Visit.
The following fields will be fetched from the Customer form:
Customer Address
Contact Person
Customer Group

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Updated on: 06/01/2022

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