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How to create a New Project Template?

Project Template

A Project Template is a predefined sequence of tasks arranged in stipulated schedule.

These templates can be pulled for similar kind of Projects and the tasks therein get auto-populated at the time of creation of each new project.

To access Project Template, go to:

Home > Projects > Projects > Project Template

How to Create A New Project Template:

Go to the Project Template List and click on New.
Add the following details:
Project Template Name: Title of the Project Template
Project Type: Project Templates, just like projects can be classified into different project types, e.g., Internal or External.
Task: Each Project Template will have a set of predefined sequence of tasks. In this field, you can enter the details of the task. Apart from the Task subject and description, you can also specify the day on which this task should begin after the project is commenced and then assign a specific number of days to each task.

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Updated on: 01/04/2023

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