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How to create a Sales Person?

Sales Person

Sales Person is a person who sells your products/services.

Sales Persons are created in hierarchical manner in OneHash. You can create sales persons and add other sales persons under the main sales persons.

To access the Sales Person list, go to:

Home > Selling > Sales Person

It can also be accessed from: Home > CRM > Settings > Sales Person

How to Create a Sales Person

Go to the Sales Person list and click on New.
Enter the Sales Person Name.
Select the Employee for the Sales Person.
Tick 'Group Node' checkbox, if you would like to add more Sales Person under this Sales Person.
Click on 'Create New'.


Sales Person in Transactions

You can use Sales Person sales transactions like Sales Order, Delivery Note and Sales Invoice. Read Sales Persons in Sales Transactions for more details.

Assign Sales Targets to Sales Person

You can assign sales target for sales person and track the progress. Read Sales Person Target Allocation for more details.

Updated on: 28/03/2023

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