Installing RediSearch to enable super fast E-commerce Search


The E-Commerce module of OneHash optionally uses RediSearch to enable superfast search functionality which is configurable via E Commerce Settings.

Once installed and configured, RediSearch will be used to super charge the search functionality of the E-Commerce website. This includes features like fuzzy-word searching, autocomplete, results ranking and customizable field indexing.


Frappe Framework + OneHash Setup
Redis 6+

Installation Instructions

On successful completion of the above instructions, a binary file will be generated in the RediSearch/build directory.

Move this binary to the /etc directory and restart your OneHash Server:

Now, open the redis_cache.conf file located in the config directory (inside the bench directory). Add the following line before the save "" line and then restart bench server:

This will load the redisearch module at startup. You can check if the module was loaded successfully by running the following command in the redis-cli:

and search should be one of the modules.

You can also load the module on a running redis instance by running the following command in the redis-cli:

We placed the module in the /etc directory, but it can be placed anywhere in the file system. We have used this directory because in the future the loadmodule line will be populated in the config file automatically and it will assume the binary is in the /etc directory.

More detailed instructions can be found here.

Updated on: 21/03/2023

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