Item Group-wise Product Listing

Similar to the Product Listing at, OneHash offers Product Listings that are Item Group-wise as well. You can link these pages on your landing page to direct users easily.

Setting Up an Item Group Page

To provide a Product Listing page for an Item Group (e.g. Products), go to:

Item Group List > Products

Enable Show in Website.
Scroll down to the Website Filters section and add field and attribute filters similar to E Commerce Settings.
You can also add a description in the RichText Editor that will show above the product list as a banner.

Now if you click on the See on Website link, on the top left, above the image in the current document, you will be redirected to the Products Item Group's listing page.

Product Visibility

Consider the Item Group Products has child Item Groups Mobile Services and Mobiles.

Website Items that will be visible on the Products page are:

Those having Products as their Item Group
Those having Products in their Website Item Groups table.

Website Items having their Item Groups as Mobile Services or Mobiles will be visible on their respective pages. These pages will be linked in the Products page.

Child Item Groups such as Mobile Services and Mobiles will be visible as pills above the search bar on the Producst page.

Updated on: 21/03/2023

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