Knowlarity Integration

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Knowlarity Integration

OneHash lets you use the calling feature of Knowlarity.


Super Receptionist Knowlarity Account.
Knowlarity Developer Account.

Steps to integrate with Knowlarity

On Knowlarity Developer account, click on My App, and fill the required fields and click on Submit.

After successful app creation, save Access Key, Authorization Key, and channel in OneHash Knowlarity Settings.
Copy your Agent Number, SuperReceptionist Number, and Caller Id from your SR account and paste it into OneHash Knowlarity Settings.
Now, you can go to OneHash Lead and select any lead, then click on the Calling>Call With Knowlarity button in the form. You will get a list of numbers, so Click on the number you want to call.
NOTE: Make sure that recipient contact number must contain country code. If it is missing please edit the contact details and add country code.

You will receive the call on Agent Number via SR number you have specified. After the Agent has picked up the call, after a few seconds, the customer will also receive a call displaying your SR number.

You can go to Calling>Call Logs of Knowlarity, and you will be able to see the call history of all numbers of your Lead.

Updated on: 11/04/2023

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