Logging in

By default, OneHash Connect allows logging in via email/password as well as various social authentication providers like Google, GitHub, GitLab, and Apple.
Organization administrators can add other authentication methods, including the SAML and LDAP integrations, or disable any of the methods above.
You can log in with any method allowed by your organization, regardless of how you signed up. For example, if you originally signed up using your Google account, you can later log in using GitHub, as long as your Google account and GitHub account use the same email address.
Find the OneHash Connect log in URL
Here are some ways to find the URL for your OneHash Connect organization.
• If you are logged out

• If you are logged in
• If your organization is hosted on OneHash Connect Cloud, go to the Find your accounts page and enter the email address that you signed up with. You will receive an email with the sign-in information for any OneHash Connect organization(s) associated with your email address.
• Find an email in your inbox with a subject that contains the phrase: OneHash Connect: Your new account details. This email provides your organization's log in URL.
• If you have visited your organization's log in page in the past, try reviewing your browser's history. Searching for OneHash Connectchat.com should find the right page if your OneHash Connect organization is hosted on OneHash Connect Cloud.
• You can ask your organization administrators for your OneHash Connect URL.
Log in for the first time
• Web

• Desktop

• Mobile
Go to the OneHash Connect URL of the organization.
Follow the on-screen instructions.
Switch between organizations
• Web

• Desktop

• Mobile
You can log in to multiple OneHash Connect organizations by opening multiple tabs, and logging into one OneHash Connect organization in each tab. To switch OneHash Connect organizations, just switch tabs.
Set or reset your password
If you signed up using passwordless authentication and want to start logging in via email/password, you will need to create a password by following the instructions below. You can also reset a forgotten password.
If you are logged in, start by logging out.
Go to your organization's log in page at https://<organization-url>/login/.
Click the Forgot your password? link below the Log in button or buttons.
Enter your email address, and click Send reset link.
You will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes. Open it and click Reset password.
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Updated on: 30/10/2023

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