Marking messages as read

OneHash Connect automatically keeps track of which messages you have and haven't read. Unread messages have a line along the left side, which fades when the message gets marked as read.
OneHash Connect offers tools to manually mark one or more messages as read, and you can configure whether messages are marked as read automatically when you scroll.
Configure whether messages are automatically marked as read
You may want to configure whether or not the OneHash Connect app will automatically mark messages as read. For example, it can be useful to set the mobile app to never mark messages as read if you often want to follow up on messages when you are at your computer. You will still be able to manually mark messages as read.
• Desktop/Web

• Mobile
Click on the gear () icon in the upper right corner of the web or desktop app.
Select Personal settings.
On the left, click Preferences.
Under Advanced, click on the Automatically mark messages as read dropdown, and select Always, Never or Only in conversation views.
Mark a message as read
• Desktop/Web
Select the message using the blue box to mark it as read. You can scroll the blue box using the mouse, or with keyboard navigation shortcuts.
Mark all messages as read
You can manually mark all messages as read, or mark all messages in a stream or topic as read.
• Via left sidebar

• Via recent conversations

• Mobile
Hover over a stream, topic, or All messages in the left sidebar.
Click on the ellipsis ().
Click Mark all messages as read.
You can also mark all messages in your current view as read by jumping to the bottom with the Scroll to bottom () button or the End shortcut.
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Updated on: 30/10/2023

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