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Multilingual Support in OneHash Chat

Multilingual support

OneHash Chat natively supports 25+ different languages. The section below describes how you can configure the OneHash Chat dashboard and live-chat widget to work with different languages.

Supported languages

This table shows the languages supported in OneHash Chat and the corresponding shortcodes (derived from ISO 639 language codes).

Update language in the live-chat widget

As described in the SDK setup guide, you can configure the locale in the live-chat widget either by passing it in the OneHash Chat Settings or by calling the setLocale method. Provide the shortcodes available in the table above in these methods.

// Pass via window.OneChatSettings
window.OneChatSettings = {
  locale: 'pt_BR',
  // .. rest of the settings

// Using setLocale method

Update language in the dashboard

To update the language in the dashboard, log in as an administrator. Click on the Settings, navigate to Account Settings. You will be able to see the Site Language setting available in the options. Change it to the language of your choice. Click on the Update Settings button.

Note: Changing the language as per the above instruction would change the default language for all agents/administrators in the system. At the moment, OneHash Chat does not support language selection at the agent level. Also, note that this language would be used as the fallback language for the live-chat widget.

Updated on: 27/09/2023

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