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Sending WhatsApp Message

Sending WhatsApp Message

To send WhatsApp messages from doctypes, you must first have a subscription of Wati CRM. And all the credentials set in Wati Settings. For reference, you can look at “Wati WhatsApp Integration” docs.

Now to send a WhatsApp message, go to any Lead, Customer, Supplier or any other doctype and from the menu click on “WhatsApp”.

A popup will appear, where you can select the contact number, WhatsApp Template, its parameters and a preview of entire message before sending it to the user. Click on Send button to send the message.

Please note that only Phone fields will be fetched for “To” field. And you can add multiple contacts at once.

Please be sure to not add any private file in the “Attachment”.

Wati CRM supports only following types of attachment:
Image: jpeg, png; Video: mp4; Document: pdf

In all the fields, you can add values manually also.

A success message will popup on successful submission of WhatsApp message and you can see the same on “WhatsApp Message Log”

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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