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OneHash Connect supports attaching multiple files to messages, including images, documents, sound, and video. You can edit the names of the files others see after you upload them.
OneHash Connect will automatically generate a thumbnail for each file when you send the message, if it can. Image thumbnails will be shown directly in the message, and you can click on a thumbnail to view the full image.
Uploading files
• Via Markdown

• Via compose box buttons

• Mobile
Open the compose box.
Drag and drop files, or copy and paste one or more files into the compose box. OneHash Connect will upload the files, and insert named links using Markdown formatting: Link text.
(optional) Modify the link text as desired.
You can preview the message before sending to see what your uploaded files will look like.
The link text will default to the name of the uploaded file.
Sharing files
You can share files from other apps on OneHash Connect.
• Android
Select one or more files and tap the OneHash Connect ( ) logo.
Select a stream name and topic name, or tap the Direct message tab and Choose recipients.
(optional) Write a message.
Tap the Send button.
Named file example
What you type
A whale of a good time
What it looks like

Troubleshooting info
OneHash Connect does not generate thumbnails for messages with more than ten attachments.
The maximum file size for attachments is 25MB in most OneHash Connect installations. This limit can be changed by the server administrator.
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Updated on: 30/10/2023

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