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Social Media Post

Social Media Post

Social Media Post is used to create and schedule the post for LinkedIn and Twitter, it can be also linked with a Campaign.

To access Social Media Post, go to:

Home > CRM > Campaign > Social Media Post

1. Prerequisites

LinkedIn Settings
Twitter Settings

2. How to create a Social Media Post

Go to Social Media Post list, click on New.
Select Campaign if any otherwise leave it blank.
Choose the Scheduled Time of the post to be published.
Select the social media platforms to which post has to be published.
Enter content for Twitter and LinkedIn.
Attach image(Optional).
Save and Submit.


3.1 Immediate Post
Users can also immediately post just after submitting a Social Media Post by clicking the 'Post Now' button.

3.2 Reschedule
Users can change the Scheduled Time of the post. In case there is an error, users can reschedule the post by changing the 'Scheduled Time' of the Social Media Post document.

Updated on: 28/03/2023

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