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The What and Why of OneHash CRM

What is OneHash CRM?

OneHash CRM is a comprehensive business management solution that helps SMEs to record all their business transactions in a single system. With OneHash CRM, SMEs can make informed, fact-based, timely decisions to remain ahead in the competition. It serves as the backbone of a business adding strength, transparency, and control to your growing enterprise.

Everything Under One Roof:


Score the Home Run with OneHash CRM:

Increased Sales and Customer Retention
Automatic process, with reduced error risks
Easy Invoice and Payment Tracking
Track your KPIs
Management of Employee Payroll
CRM Analytics
Customer Data and Interactions Management

Who are we for?

OneHash fits well in the framework of all industry types; from Manufacturing, healthcare to Real estate and Ed-Tech everything's covered under one roof. OneHash CRM scales well from SMEs to even large enterprises and is used by several industries across the globe.

Updated on: 26/03/2023

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