Typing notifications

OneHash Connect displays typing notifications when viewing a direct message or group direct message conversation to which one of the other participants is currently composing a message. In the web and desktop apps, typing notifications are also displayed in the all direct messages view.

Typing notifications are only sent while one is actively editing text in the compose box. They disappear if typing is paused for several seconds, if all the content of the message is erased, or if the message is saved as a draft. Just having the compose box open will not send a typing notification.

Disable typing notifications

If you'd prefer that others not know whether you're typing, you can configure OneHash Connect to not send typing notifications.

1. Click on the gear () icon in the upper right corner of the web or desktop app.

2. Select Personal settings.

3. On the left, click Account & privacy.

4. Under Privacy, toggle Let recipients see when I'm typing direct messages.

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Updated on: 30/10/2023

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