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UAE Regional Fields

UAE Regional Fields

Fields added to the Standard DocTypes to help regional compliances.

1. Item Master

Is Zero Rated: Tick this checkbox for items that are Zero Rated.
Is Exempt: Tick this checkbox for items that are tax exempted.

2. Sales Invoice

VAT Emirate: Select the Emirate of Place of Supply.
Refund Provided to Tourists: Enter the Tax Amount that was refunded to tourists.

3. Purchase Invoice

Recoverable Standard Rated Expense: Enter the Tax Amount that can be recovered.
Reverse Charge Applicable: Choose 'Y' if Reverse Charge is applicable. Taxes would be made zero and a reverse GL Entry will be created.
Recoverable Reverse Charge (Percentage): Enter the percentage for which the Tax Paid under Reverse Charge is recoverable.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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