Verify a message was sent

When you send a message, it first goes to a OneHash Connect server, and then the OneHash Connect server sends it out to all the recipients.
Sometimes there can be delays if your device is on a poor network connection. OneHash Connect lets you know when your message successfully reaches the server.
Verify that a message reached the OneHash Connect server
Look for a timestamp (like 4:53) on the right side of the message. If you see a timestamp, the message successfully reached the server.
You can see what a message without a timestamp looks like by disconnecting your computer from the internet, and sending a message.
When to resend
By default, OneHash Connect will try to resend the message when it is re-connected to the internet.
If OneHash Connect gives up (or if the OneHash Connect server returns an error), it will add two red icons ( ) to the right side of the message. If you don't see the red icons, there is no need to resend.
If you do see the red icons, you can either
• Click resend () to attempt a resend.
• Click cancel () to delete the message.
• Reload the page to cancel all the messages with red icons.

Updated on: 30/10/2023

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