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What does the Stock Level Report contain?

Stock Level Report

Stock Level report list stock item's quantity available in a particular warehouse.

There are multiple reports available you can check for item's stock level.

Stock Projected Quantity Report

You can access this report from Stock > Main Report > Stock Projected Quantity
This report list item wise - warehouse wise stock level of an item considering all the stock transactions. With Actual Quantity of an item, it also provide other details like:

1. Actual Quantity: Quantity available in the warehouse.
2. Planned Quantity: Quantity, for which, Work Order has been raised, but is pending to be manufactured.
3. Requested Quantity: Quantity requested for purchase, but not ordered.
4. Ordered Quantity: Quantity ordered for purchase, but not received.
5. Reserved Quantity: Quantity ordered for sale, but not delivered.
6. Project Quantity: Project Quantity is calculated as

Projected Qty = Actual Qty + Planned Qty + Requested Qty + Ordered Qty - Reserved Qty

The projected inventory is used by the planning system to monitor the reorder point and to determine the reorder quantity. The projected Quantity is used by the planning engine to monitor the safety stock levels. These levels are maintained to serve unexpected demands.

Having a tight control of the projected inventory is crucial to determine shortages and to calculate the right order quantity.

Stock Balance Report

Stock Ledger report helps you check stock balance of an item on a given date.

You can access this report from

Stock > Main Report > Stock Balance

This allows you to go back in time, and check what was stock level of an item in a particular warehouse in the near past.

With item's stock levels, you will also get their valuation details in this report.

Based on the date filters, this report provides item's Opening Stock on From Date, and Closing Stock on To From. It will also list the In Quantity and Out Quantity for an item between the date range.

Updated on: 20/08/2021

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