Zoom Integration

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Zoom Integration

OneHash lets you create Zoom meetings and send invitations to participants directly from the application.

Steps to integrate with Zoom Meeting

1. Zoom Settings

Login into your OneHash account and open ZoomSettings. You can search this doc on the search bar.

You will have to store Client Id, Client Secret, and Secret Token from Zoom to ZoomSettings and use Redirect URL and Email Subscriptions URL from OneHash to Zoom while Building the App on Zoom Marketplace.

2. Zoom Meetings

Similarly, open a new tab and search ZoomMeetings on the search bar.

3. Zoom Marketplace

Click on Integrate Zoom button and then click on Go to Marketplace. In the Zoom marketplace, sign in with your Zoom account and savings account details on ZoomSettings. You will have to sign in to Zoom using the same email id.

4. Build an Application

Go to Develop > Build App.


5. Meeting SDK

Click on Create button in the Meeting SDK application.

6. Create an Application

Name your application and click on Create.

7. Add Basic Information

Enter all the required details, and move to App Credentials.

8. Save Credentials

Copy the Client Id and Client Secret values and save them in ZoomSettings.

9. Add Redirect URL

Add Redirect URL from ZoomSettings and save it in both Redirect URL for OAuth and Add Allow Urls.

10. Save Secret Token

Copy the Secret Token value and save it in ZoomSettings and Save ZoomSettings.

11. Event Subscription

Toggle the Event Subscription button and create a new subscription. Add the Event Subscription URL from ZoomSettings and click on Validate. A successful connection with OneHash will be indicated by Green Button.

12. Add Events

Add and Save the following events to the Event Subscription:

Meeting has been created
Meeting has been updated
Meeting has been deleted

13. Add Scopes

Add and Done the following scopes:

View your meetings
View and manage your meetings
View your user information.

14. Test your Connection

Open Zoom Meetings in OneHash and click on SignInZoom button. You will be asked to integrate Zoom with OneHash. Select the checkbox and click on Allow.

15. Successful Integration

Sign In with the same mail id with which you created a Build App on Zoom Marketplace.

16. Create Zoom Meeting

Click on Create Zoom Meeting, enter your meeting topic and description and click on Submit.
After a few seconds, reload the page, and your meeting will be visible on OneHash.

Updated on: 25/04/2023

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