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Now we need to specify what our crop will be. A crop summarizes all that is necessary before creating our first crop cycle or planting.

Agriculture > Crops & Lands > Crop

On the desk, click on the Crop icon. A list will show any existing Crops.

On the top right, click on 'Add Crop' to create the first Crop. A new Crop document will open, and we will enter basic information.

The basic information should be entered as such:

Title: Carrot from carrot-top
Crop Name: Carrot
Scientific name: Daucus Carota
Type: Biennial
Planting UOM: Unit
Yield UOM: Grams

Click Save

We will skip the Materials Required, Byproducts and Produce sections. In the Ideal Agriculture Task List we enter some planned tasks such as planting, watering, and harvesting. (Please note, our activity list will be intentionally abbreviated for illustration purposes. For this example we will prepare our field, plant the next day, water only once, add a cover after germination on day 12, remove weeds at day 19, and harvest at day 90.

The first row will look like this:

Task Name: Preparation - Make rows
Start Day: 1
End Day: 1
Holiday Management: Ignore holidays

When done, you can click 'Save' to prevent any work from being lost.

We are not done yet, we simply have saved the minimum required information! Continue filling the next rows with Task Name, Start Day, End Day and Holiday Management.

Row 2: Preparation - Add mulch cover, 1, 1, Previous Business Day
Row 3: Planting - Sow the seeds, 2, 2, Previous Business Day
Row 4: Water - 10ml per plant, 2, 2, Ignore holidays
Row 5: Disease - Pest control - Cover with Fine Net, 12, 12, Previous Business Day
Row 6: Weed Control - Remove weeds, 19, 19, Previous Business Day
Row 7: Harvest - When top is at 5cm, 90, 90, Previous Business Day

Click 'Save'

You form should now look something like this

Repeat step 2 for as many crops as you need. You can save some time by duplicating existing crops and modifying only the necessary items.

Updated on: 23/03/2023

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