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Agriculture : Crop Unit

Land Unit

Before we do anything, we need to define some details about where our crops will be planted. We will first create our farm as a parent land unit, and then we will add one or more fields as children or nodes, belonging to the parent.

Agriculture > Land Unit

On the desk, click on the Land Unit icon. assets/img/new-land-unit-icon.png A list will show any existing Land Units.

On the top right, click on New to create the first Land Unit.

Land Unit Name: Carrot Farm
Parent Land Unit: All Land Units
Check the box next to 'Is Group'
Location: plot the area as you please

Click Save

It should look something like this

With the farm created, we can now create our first Carrot Field! Click on New

Land Unit Name: Carrot Field 1
Parent Land Unit:select the one we just created in step two, i.e. Carrot Farm
Leave the 'Is Group' box unchecked
Location: plot the area as you please

Click Save

Repeat step 3 for as many fields as you need.

Updated on: 31/01/2022

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