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Customizing sorting order in the List View

Customizing Sorting Order in the List View

Question: I want records in my Item List sorted based on Descending Order of Item Code.

Answers: Following are the steps to customize Sort Order for the Item master. These steps will be applicable for customizing Sort Order for the other documents as well.

Step 1: Go to Customize Form

Home > Customization > Form Customization > Customize Form

Step 2: Select DocType

Select document type for which Sort Order is to be customized.

Step 3: Update Sort Details

In the Customize Form, you will find these fields.

Sort Field: Select the Field based on which sorting will be done. It will be "Item_Code" field in the scenario.
Sort Order: Sort Order will be two possible options, Asc for ascending, and Desc for descending.

Updated on: 31/03/2023

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