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Datev Export

All GL Entries can be exported in DATEV-Format for your tax advisor.


The german DATEV eG is a registered cooperative of the tax, accountancy and legal professions. The DATEV format is a CSV-based file interface for importing data into DATEV Accounting. The interface documentation is available in the DATEV developer portal:
DATEV format v7.0


To use the DATEV Export, these need to be created first:
DATEV Settings


In the filters section you can choose the company whose GL Entries you want to export. You can also set the timeframe for the export. Usually this will be the last month.


From the menu you can open the DATEV Settings or download the export file. The export file is a ZIP archive that contains the transaction data from the preview as well as master data (Customers, Suppliers, Accounts).

Exported Data

Currently, you can export GL Entries in the way OneHash creates them. For example, booking a Sales Invoice will result in three GL Entries:

However, in OneHash the right side is not necessarily an Account. It could also be multiple accounts, a Customer or a Supplier. Therefore, we use a temporary against account that can be specified in DATEV Settings. All GL Entries are made against this account. The rows in the DATEV Export will look something like this:

Please consult your tax advisor about if and how you can use this data.

Updated on: 27/03/2023

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