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What is Plaid Integration?

Plaid Integration

OneHash offers the possibility to synchronize your bank accounts through a service called Plaid. Please check the Plaid FAQ to see if your country is supported.

If your instance is connected to Plaid, you are able to synchronize your bank account transactions without having to manually import a CSV or XLSX file.


In order to give OneHash access to Plaid, you need to add the following three parameters to your site_config.json file.

- plaid_env
- plaid_public_key
- plaid_secret


- In order to activate Plaid on an instance, click on the button "Enable" in the Plaid Settings DocType.
- Once activated, you can create a new account directly from the Bank Reconciliation dashboard.

Bank account creation

In order to link one of your existing bank accounts to OneHash, click on "Link a new bank account" and follow the steps proposed by Plaid.

Bank synchronization

In order to synchronize a bank account with OneHash, select an account and click on the "Action" button to select "Synchronize this account".
The synchronization is based on the "Last integration date" available in the "Bank Account" doctype.

If, for any reason, you want to redo a synchronization, you can change this date and synchronize the account again. Since all bank transactions are tagged with a specific transaction ID, the synchronization will only be incremental.

Automatic Synchronization

You can allow plaid to synchronize your bank account with OneHash every hour by selecting "Synchronize all accounts every hour" in Plaid Settings.

Updated on: 28/03/2023

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