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Exotel Integration

Exotel Integration

This integration allows you to integrate Exotel into your OneHash account. Leads and their phone numbers captured via Exotel can be saved directly to your OneHash.

1. Features

Track incoming calls in your OneHash account.
Shows existing lead/customer information pop-up to employees when an incoming call is received.

2. How to setup

2.1 Setup your Exotel account

Login to your Exotel account and go to App Bazar.
Create a new App for a new flow.
Setup the flow as you wish it to be.
In your connect API under "Create popup..." and paste following URL:

Note: Replace <your-site> in URL with your site name. For example, if the site name is then the URL will be:

After that add a Passthru applet under "After Call Conversation ends" and paste following URL: https://<your-site>/api/method/erpnext.erpnext_integrations.exotel_integration.handle_end_call

Note: Make sure to check "Make Passthru Async".

Similary, add a Passthru applet under "If nobody answers..." section and paste following URL: https://<your-site>/api/method/erpnext.erpnext_integrations.exotel_integration.handle_missed_call

Note: Make sure to check "Make Passthru Async".

Save the flow.
Now assign this newly created app to your ExoPhone from which you receive your business calls.

2.2 Setup in OneHash

From Awesome Bar, go to 'Exotel Settings'.
Set your "Exotel SID" and "Exotel Token". You can find your Exotel API key and token on your Exotel Dashboard.
Go to Communication Medium.
Add your ExoPhone and schedule that number. Based on this schedule employees will receive the popup.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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