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Stripe Integration

Setting up Stripe

To setup Stripe, Integrations > Stripe Settings

Setup Stripe

To enable Stripe payment service, you need to configure parameters like Publishable Key, Secret Key

On enabling service, the system will create Payment Gateway record and Account head in chart of account with account type as Bank.

Also it will create Payment Gateway Account entry. Payment Gateway Account is configuration hub from this you can set account head from existing COA, default Payment Request email body template.

After configuring Payment Gateway Account your system is able to accept online payments.

Setup subscriptions plans

If you need to bill a recurring amount instead of a one-time charge, you can use Stripe's subscription system.

Once you have created your billing plans in Stripe, add one or several new "Payment Plan" in Frappe.

Afterwards, when you create your payment request, click the check field "Is a subscription" and add the system will fetch the corresponding susbscription plans from within the corresponding subscription.

OneHash will automatically create a new subscription for this customer in Stripe.

Supporting transaction currencies

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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