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How to create a Quality Action?

Quality Action

A Quality Action is taken on a Quality Review to correct unsatisfactory results or prevent them from happening.

Quality Action is a standard feature to allow implementation of corrective and preventive actions. This will meet compliance with industry regulations including GMP, ISO 9001 and 14001, TSCA, REACH, etc.

Quality Action workflows provide a controlled environment and reduce the risk of repeat issues by ensuring that defined solutions and processes are met.

Quality Actions can be initialized for a Quality Goal or for a Customer Feedback which may not meet the expected quality standards. Depending on that a Corrective or Preventive Action can be started.

To access Quality Action, go to:

Home > Quality > Review and Action > Quality Action

1. Prerequisites

Before creating and using a Quality Action it is advised to create the following first:
Quality Review
Quality Feedback

2. How to create a Quality Action

Go to the Quality Action list, click on New.
Select whether it's a Corrective or Preventive action. This indicates whether the action is being scheduled for Corrective or for Preventive Purpose.
Select the Document Type whether a Quality Review or a Quality Feedback.
Select the actual Quality Review or Feedback under Document Name.
Enter a Resolution proposed for the problem in the Resolution field.

The Status field indicates whether the Quality Action is Open and ongoing or Closed.

Updated on: 02/04/2023

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