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Make A Colorful Gantt Chart

Make A Colorful Gantt Chart

OneHash allows users to add colours to certain documents for better visual cues and representation. A good example of this would be the Event Calendar, where, for each event you can add a colour.

We will be doing so by customizing Tasks under Projects module.

Steps to Add Colours to the Gantt Chart

Go to Customize Form in the system and select Task in Enter Form Type option. Alternatively, you can reach this screen by going to Menu > Customize from the Task list or form.

Add a new field in the doctype of fieldtype color.

Check In List View option.

Save the form, go back to the Task list, and reload.

When opening an existing or new Task, you should see a color field. Pick a color for the Task.

Go back to the Task list and switch to Gantt view.

Updated on: 29/08/2023

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