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Non Profit : Member and Membership


The Member doctype allows you to record the Member details for a Membership.

Members are simply contacts in your OneHash database with one or more memberships. The contact may be an individual, a household, an organisation, or some other contact sub-type, but it is always a contact to which a membership is applied.

To create new Member go to:

Non Profit > Member > New

Email: Email field is the id of Member doctype.

Membership Type: Membership Type is link field to Membership Type Doctype. Member can select Available Doctype.

Membership Expiry Date: This Field fetch membership end date details from membership doctype.

Address and Contact Section: This Section linked to address and contact doctypes.


The Membership doctype allows you to record membership details for the Member.

Membership is a term which refers to any organization that allows people to subscribe, and often requires them to pay a membership fee or "subscription".

To create new Membership go to:

Non Profit > Membership > New

Member: Member is a link field fetch member details from Member doctype.

Membership Status: Membership Status is a select field which contains New, Current, Expired, Pending and Cancelled.

Membership Date Details section: This section contain information related to Membership start date, end date and member since date.

Payment Details: This section contains payment related details. If the person paid for membership checkbox paid is marked as checked else unmarked. Amount fetch based on membership type.

Membership Type

Membership Types are a basic building block for membership management. Typically an organization will set up a membership type for each of the different memberships that they offer. For the simplest membership structures, one membership type may be enough. For more complex membership structures, more membership types may be required. For example, an organisation may define three membership types for 'regular', 'student', and 'honorary' members. Or an organization may choose to use membership types as subscriptions to their different publications, either free or paying ones.

In this chapter we will cover the most common set-up for membership types.

To create new Membership Type go to:

Non Profit > Membership Type > New

Membership Type: The Membership Type is displayed throughout the system, on both public and backend pages so spend some time thinking about a membership type name that is appropriate to both audiences. It can be changed at a later date

Amount: If your memberships are free you should enter 0 (zero) in this field. Otherwise you should enter the amount that must be paid for this membership type.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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