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Product Listing

Product Listing

OneHash provides a product listing page where your customers can discover your products. It is enabled by default if you have published Website Items on your system.
You can go to the product listing visiting the /all-products route. For example,

Actions are visible only on hovering over the card in the new Product Listing

Here there are two views available that can be toggled

Product List View

The List View can hold additional data in it such as a short description which can be mentioned in the Website Item's Short Website Description field.

Product Grid View

1. Products Settings

The Product Listing can be configured from Products Settings. Go to Website > Portal > Products Settings.

Here are some of the configuration options:

Home Page is Products: If checked, the default home page will be set to Product Listing.
Products Per Page: Define how many products to show per page on the Product Listing.
Hide Variants: Only show Item Templates on the Product Listing. You can hide variants only when Attribute Filters are disabled.

1.1 Filters

This page also shows filters alongside the products. There are three types of filters visible here:
Field Filters
Attribute Filters
Discount Filters

1. Field Filters

Enable the Field Filters checkbox in Products Settings and add the fields based on which you want to have the filters.

2. Attribute Filters

Enable the Attribute Filters checkbox in Products Settings and add the attributes based on which you want to have the filters.

Go to your Product Listing, it should show filters on the sidebar.

3. Discount Filters

Discount Filters are automatically generated based on the discounts applied on the products. They do not require any configuration.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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