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Product Page

Product Page

OneHash provides product pages for your Sales Items, they can be configured from the Item Master.

Product Page is built for an Item. If you haven't created any Item go to:

Home > Stock > Items and Pricing > Item

1. How to configure a Product Page

Enter the Item Code, Item Name, Item Group, and Selling Rate.

Click on Edit in full page button to open the form.
Go to the Website section and enable Show in Website.
Click on Save.
View your Product Page by clicking on Show on Website in the sidebar.

1.1 Items with Variants

If you have an Item that has multiple variants, for example, Apple iPhone XR with different colors and storage sizes, you can create a Template Item.

Go to the Variants section and enable Has Variants and add the attributes in the attributes table.

2. Features

2.1 Website Description

You can add a Website Description from the Website Specifications section. It will only show on your product page.

2.2 Image and Slideshow

You can add a different image and slideshow to show on your website from the Website Section.

2.3 Item Specifications

You can add your Item Specifications in the Website Specifications section. It will show up as a table on your Product Page.

2.4 Publish Item

To publish your item, go to the Website section and enable Show in Website.

You will now see the See on Website link in the sidebar. Click on it to view your product page.

2.5 Custom HTML

You can further customize your Product Page by adding Custom HTML in the Website Content field of the Website Specifications section.

2.6 Website Warehouse

This feature is available in the Item master. Select an existing or create a new warehouse for transactions via your website. This Warehouse will be different from your offline Warehouses. Stock for any online transactions will be deducted from the Warehouses set under Website Warehouse.

Note: If the Website Warehouse isn't set and 'Maintain Stock' for an Item is ticked, the product page will list the Item as 'Not in Stock'.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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