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Setting up Sendgrid SMTP Email in OneHash

Setting up Sendgrid SMTP Email in OneHash

SMTP, or simple mail transfer protocol, is a quick and easy way to send email from one server to another. SendGrid provides an SMTP service that allows you to deliver your email via our server instead of your client or server. OneHash comes built-in with a configured email client so that you can send and receive emails in OneHash and append to documents if required.

Integrating SendGrid's Web API

SendGrid’s SMTP API allows developers to specify custom handling instructions for e-mail using an X-SMTPAPI header inserted into the message.

Step 1: You need to create an API key to authenticate your application. In this case, OneHash. Learn more about integrating SendGrid with SMTP here

To integrate with SendGrid's SMTP API:

Create an API Key with at least "Mail" permissions.
Set the server host in your email client or application to This setting is sometimes referred to as the external SMTP server or the SMTP relay.
Set your username to the string apikey. This setting is the exact string "apikey" and not the API key itself.
Set your password to the API key generated in step one.
Set the port to 587 (or as specified below).

SMTP ports

For an unencrypted or a TLS connection, use port 25, 2525, or 587.
For a SSL connection, use port 465.
Note - If you are unsure which port to use, a TLS connection on port 587 is typically recommended.

Step 2: Once your API key has been created, you need to configure it in your OneHash account > Create a New Email Account.

Email Address: Your Email Address
Email Login ID: API Key [API key generated in Step 1]
Password: Your Password
Service: Select "SendGrid"

Now save this information and you have successfully configured the SendGrid SMTP Email in OneHash.

Power to you!

Updated on: 02/04/2023

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