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Braintree Integration

Setting up Braintree

To setup Braintree, go to Explore > Integrations > Braintree Settings

Setup Braintree

To enable Braintree in your OneHash account, you need to configure the following parameters:

Payment Gateway
Merchant ID
Public Key
Private Key

You can setup several Braintree payment gateways if needed. The choice of payment gateway account will determine which braintree account is used for the payment.

On enabling service, the system will create Payment Gateway record and an Account head in chart of account with account type as Bank.

It will also create a payment gateway account. You can change the default bank account if needed and create a template for the payment request.

After configuring the Payment Gateway Account, your system is able to accept online payments through Braintree.

Supporting Transaction Currencies

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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