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Bulk Rename

Bulk Rename

Using the Bulk Rename tool, you can rectify and change multiple document IDs at once. This tool is only accessible to the User with the role of a System Manager.

Rename Tool

You can rename IDs of up to 500 records at once. The following are steps to bulk rename records.
Let's assume we are renaming Item Codes for the existing items.

Open Excel File

In a spreadsheet file, enter old Item IDs in the first column, and new Item Ids in the second column. Save spreadsheet file in a CSV format.

Upload Data File

To upload data file go to,

Home > Rename Tool

(You can search for the rename tool directly in the awesome bar)

Select Doctype which you want to rename. Here, Doctype will be an Item. Then Browse and Upload data files.

Updated on: 26/03/2023

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