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How to create a Letter Head?

Letter Head

The Letter Head contains your organization's name, logo, address, etc which appears at the top of the documents.

Every company has a default Letter Head. These Letter Head values are generally set as Header and Footer in the documents. In OneHash CRM, you can capture these details in the Letter Headmaster.

These details will appear in the Print Format of transactions like Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Salary Slip, Purchase Order, etc. In OneHash CRM, the Letter Head is only for setting up the top part of the document, other content is pre-formatted and can be configured via Print Format and Print Headings.

To access Letter Head, go to:

Home > Settings > Letter Head

How to create a Letter Head?

Go to the Letter Head list and click on New.
Enter a name for the Letter Head. You can create a separate Letter Head for different office locations.
Choose whether it is based on image or HTML.
You can enter details in a Letter Head by using:

Logo Image: Click on the Attach button to attach an image. Once the image is inserted, HTML for it will be automatically generated.
Other information (like Address, tax ID, etc.) that you want to put on your Letter Head.

If you want to make this the default Letter Head, click on "Default Letter Head".

After entering values in the Header and Footer section, save the Letter Head.

You can set the Letter Head based on HTML to make changes in the future.

You can use HTML width and height attributes to adjust the image size.
Example tags -
<img src="/files/onehash_logo.png" style="width: 25%;">
<img src="/files/onehash_logo.png" width="50px" height="50px">

This is how the Letter Head looks in a document's print.

Note: Footer will be visible only when the document's print is seen in the PDF. Footer will not be visible in the HTML-based print preview.

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Updated on: 27/03/2023

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