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Configure Google Cloud (Google Integration)

Steps to configure Google Cloud Platform and Google Integrations.

Login to Google Cloud Platform -> Create New Project -> Generate 0Auth 2.0 Credentials

Search for “People API” in the search bar and click on enable to enable Contacts Integration .

Search for “Calendar API” in the search bar and click on enable to enable Calendar Integration .

Go to API and Services -> Credentials -> Create Credentials -> 0Auth Client ID

Give application type as “Web Application”

In Authorized Javascript Origin -> add your instance URL “https://<site-name>”

In Authorized Redirect URIs add following :

For Calendar : https://<site-url>?cmd=frappe.integrations.doctype.google_calendar.google_calendar.google_callback

For Contacts : replace google_calendar with google_contacts in above URL

Save -> copy client ID and client secret from top right corner

To avoid error due to Access Permissions :

APIs and Services -> 0Auth Consent Screen -> Test Users

Add the Email IDs of System Users.

Login to your OneHash ?Instance -

Go to Integrations -> Google Settings -> 0Auth Client ID (paste the above copied credentials)

Integrations -> Google Contacts -> Enter Email ID used in Google Cloud Platform -> Select checkboxes ( “push” to move contacts from OneHash system to Google Contacts and “pull” to vice versa) -> click on “Authorize Google Contacts Access”

Click on “Sync Contacts” to pull the existing Google Contacts in the system.

Follow the same procedure for Calendar

Integrations -> Google Calendars

Now to go the Contacts list -> Create new Contact -> Select the checkbox “Sync with Google Calendar”->Save

Contact will reflect in Google Contacts.

Follow the same procedure with Calendar Events.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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