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Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange

The Currency Exchange form in OneHash stores exchange rates manually stored by the User. By default, OneHash automatically fetched the current exchange rates for currencies as per the market. However, you can store fixed exchange rates and use them. You need to enable 'Allow Stale Exchange Rates' in Accounts Settings for using the exchange rates stored in the Currency Exchange form.

To access the Currency Exchange list, go to:

Home > Accounting > Multi Currency > Currency Exchange

How to create a Currency Exchange

Go to the Currency Exchange list and click on New.
Enter a date from which this exchange rate will be valid. New Currency Exchange forms saved with newer dates will be used in transactions.
Set the From and To currency.
Enter the Exchange Rate, for example, 1 USD = 65 INR.
Select whether the exchange rate applies to selling, buying, or both transactions.

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Updated on: 27/03/2023

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