Job Opening

A Job Opening is a job vacancy in your Company. You can make a record of the open vacancies in your company using Job Opening.

OneHash allows to plan recruitments for your company. The number of Job Openings you can create for a Designation is restricted according to the vacancies planned by the Staffing Plan defined for the company or one of its parent group companies in the hierarchy.

Note: Make sure the "Check Vacancies On Job Offer Creation" checkbox is checked in the Hiring Settings section of the HR Settings.

To access Job Opening, go to:

Home > Human Resource > Recruitment > Job Opening

1. Prerequisites

Before creating a Job Opening, it is advisable you create the following:

Staffing Plan
Employee Department

2. How to create a Job Opening

Go to Job Opening list, click on New.
Enter the Job Title.
Select the Designation and Department. Based on Designation selected, appropriate Staffing Plan and Planned Number of Positions will be fetched.

Once the Job Opening is saved, you can directly create a new Job Applicant from the dashboard.

Note: You can set the Status of the Job Opening as Open/Closed. Once a Job Opening is Closed, you cannot create a Job Applicant against it.
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