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The Staffing Plan

Staffing Plan

Staffing Plan helps you to plan manpower requirements for your Company.

OneHash allows you to do this at a company level helping you efficiently plan and budget new hiring for a period. Job Openings can only be created as per the number of vacancies and budget as per the active Staffing Plan.

To access Staffing, go to:

Home > Human Resources > Recruitment > Staffing Plan

1. Prerequisites

Before creating a Staffing Plan, it is necessary you create the following:

Employee Designation

2. How to create a Staffing Plan

Go to Staffing Plan list, click on New.
Enter the Name, From and To Date and select the Department for which you want to create the Staffing Plan.
Enter the Staffing Plan Details such as Designation, Vacancies, Estimated Cost Per Position, Total Estimated Cost and Number of Positions.
Save and Submit.

3. Features

Some of the additional features in the Staffing Plan doctype are explained below:

Designation: The designations for which the Staffing Plan is created.

Number of Positions: The number of positions you plan to recruit for between the From and To Dates of the Staffing Plan.

Current Count: This is the number of Employees already hired against the particular Designation.

Vacancies: The number of vacancies based on the Number of Positions you wish to recruit and the current Employee count.

Estimated Cost Per Position: You can specify the cost to company per position so that hiring officials can stick to the budget.

Total Estimated Budget: Once you enter the recruitment plan for all the designations, Staffing Plan will draw up the total estimated budget as per the plan.

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Updated on: 29/03/2023

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