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Getting started with Slack in OneHash Chat


If your account/project is using Slack as medium of communication, you can integrate slack with OneHash Chat inbox to get all the inbox conversation to your slack customer-conversations channel.

To integrate slack with OneHash Chat follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1 Go to OneHash Chat app click on integration link in the setting sidebar.

Step 2 A screen opens up where you can directly give the workspace Slack URL to connect to your Slack account.

Step 3 After login to your slack workspace, The screen will pop up to give permission to OneHash Chat app.

Step 4 After you allow the access you will be able to see the OneHash Chat app in your workspace app section. And when you receive any message to OneHash Chat inbox you will be able to see the customer-conversations channel in your workspace.

Step 5 Check your message under customer-conversations channel.


Q: We have integrated slack correctly, but we are not able to see the channel.

A: Press cmd+k key and type customer-conversations channel name and verify if it's got created. Your message from OneHash Chat inbox lies under this channel.

Q. I am replying to message but it's not showing up in the OneHash Chat inbox.

A: When you reply to the message make sure you reply under the same thread. Each thread represents the separate conversation, so to show your reply to the same message you should reply under the thread. We use thread id to verify the separate conversation.

Updated on: 27/09/2023

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